15 Days Meditation Retreat by Sayadaw U. Kovida

Samatha and Vipassana to attain Nibbāna

Duration : May 16 – 30, 2023

Arrival day : May 14 2023

Departure day : 31 May 2023

Register : online goggle form : https://bit.ly/3ShHxPp

Location: Angthong International Meditation Centre, Pa Auk
branch in Thailand.

Language: English with Vietnamese and Thai translation.

We use FM to transmit the translation, please bring a FM
radio or a smartphone with FM application together with earphone/ headphone to
hear the translation.

Participants: mostly are international lay disciples of the

Age: 18-65 in good health condition.

Regulations for participants during the retreat:

Must take at least 8 precepts

Turn off mobile phone

Keep noble silence, talk only when really necessary.

Other rules and regulations of the monastery

Fee: the retreat is free of charge for participants. All
costs are generously offered by preceding lay devotees of the Buddha. At the
end of the retreat, if any participants would like to offer for the new coming
retreats, they can do as their wish.

Transportation from airports: we offer free pick-up cars for
the group of more than 5 participants in both Suvannabhumi and Don Muang
airports. It will be better for you to come in a group.


Wish for intensive meditation in our monastery after the
retreat: Based on your request and performance during the retreat, we can
permit some participants to stay longer for fully intensive meditation in our
monastery. If you are confident about your performance of following our daily
schedule, please do a research about the visa requirements and prepare
necessary things before coming.

Limited number of enrollment: due to limited number of
enrollment, we will select and only answer confirmation for those who are
qualified. Other cases, you are on a waiting list. Please make sure that you
can participate in the retreat before registering and after receiving
confirmation from us so that others will not lose a precious chance to