Residence Rules


1.Bhikkhus and Samaneras please register upon arrival and departure at the temporary office of the abbot. Sayalay, nun, lay man and laywoman please register at the office upon arrival and departure. 

2. Please accept kuti (meditator’s room) assigned to you by the abbot or officer. Do not change into kuti without getting the permission from the abbot or officer.

3. Please inform the officer in charge if you wish to leave before your former plan or to stay longer than anticipated. This will allow the officer in charge provide you with necessary services.

4. This is the meditation centre where bhikkhus and nuns are practicing meditation, so please dress respectfully, and keep your clothes clean.

  • Men: no bare calves, no bare knees, no bare shoulders; only full-length trousers or longyi, and short/long-sleeved shirt; no shorts or sleeveless shirt/vest/undershirt, and otherwise disrespectful attire. 
  • Women: no bare shoulders/midriff/calves/knees; no short skirt, no shorts, no sleeveless shirt/blouse, no thin/transparent/tight/brightly coloured or otherwise revealing and disrespectful attire.

5. Please ask permission from the officer in charge before allowing your friends or relatives to stay overnight at your kuti.

6. When you leave your room during the day, always remember to lock the door and windows. Make sure your valuables are stored in a safe place.

7. If you plan to be away from your room for EVEN ONE NIGHT, you must leave it ready for anyone else to come and occupy. (Normally we do not allow the meditator to leave the center between your practicing period, except necessary to do that.)

8. Between 7:00 and 7:30 am, residents should clean their room (kutis) and sweep the surrounding paths and areas. Those who wish may join the local Sangha between 5:00 and 6:00 pm in cleaning the meditation hall, sweeping public paths and walkways, cleaning public toilets, etc.

9. Male residents may not receive women in their quarters. The same rule applies to female residents receiving men. Conversations between men (monk) and women must be conducted in public places. A single woman should not approach a monk without another man nearby who understands what is being said. Although two or more women may approach a single monk, they may not do so inside a kuti or other enclosed area.

10. To avoid ants, rats and cockroaches disturbing you and your neighbors, do not store food or edible things in your kuti. Moreover, COOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN ANY KUTI.

11. Please check that all necessary things provided for your room in the attached list are in good condition. If not, please request you to change them prior to using the facilities, otherwise you will be responsible for any damage that occurs.

12. Out of respect for your neighbors, please do not make any loud noise to disturb them.

13. Do not for any reason bring pets to your kuti or the monastery. Also do not feed the dogs, cats, birds, etc.

14. Please hang your clothes dry in the provided area at the back of your kuti. Do not hang them on the rail of your corridor.

15. Do not move any furnitures in the kuti and do not put nails on the wall or make any adjustment or remodeling of your kuti.

16. Please unplug all electrical devices, switch off the light and faucet every time before leaving your kut.

17. Yoga, Chi Gong and other acceptable forms of exercise may be done in private, but not in public. Do not teach such exercises to others without permission from the meditation teacher.

18. Do not leave your personal belongings behind. Please make prior arrangements with afellow resident to store those items that you wish to keep and inform the office of those items that you do not wish to keep.