1. Please register at the office upon arrival and departure.
  2. Please accept kuti assigned to you by the officer.
  3. Please inform officer if you wish to leave before your former plan or to stay longer than anticipated. This will allow the centre provide you with necessary services.
  4. Please always keep noble silence and attend solely to your meditation practice.
  5. You must meditate in the meditation hall and follow the meditation schedule.
  6. You must practice according to the instructions of meditation teacher. Independent practice of other meditation methods are not allowed. Do not discuss such practices with other yogis.
  7. Be respectful to meditation teacher and following his instruction mindfully.
  8. This is the meditation centre where bhikkhus and nuns are practicing meditation, so please dress respectfully, and keep your clothes clean.
  9. Mobile phone is not allowed while residing in the Centre. Please kindly leave your mobile phone at the office.

Dress Codes for Men: no bare knees, no bare shoulders; only full-length trousers or longyi, and short/long-sleeved shirt; no shorts or sleeveless shirt/vest/undershirt, and otherwise disrespectful attire.

Dress Codes for Women: no bare shoulders/midriff/calves/knees; no short skirt, no shorts, no sleeveless shirt/blouse,no thin/transparent/tight/brightly colour or otherwise revealing and disrespectful attire.