1. The definition of “Fund”

“Fund” means all expenses for accommodation in Angthong International Meditation Center in order to stay and practice Dhamma for a long period of time including venue upkeep fees, electricity and water supplyand meals.Neverthelss, it will not cover up the cost of medical care.

  1. Term of Fund

Each fun will be given with consideration of our committee for each individual person. The term of fund will last one year only and any further decision will be reviewed and made every year.

  1. Regulations for applicants

3.1 The applicant must present the guaranteed document which is certified by reliable person accepted among Angthong International Meditation Center.

3.2 The applicant must present the health certificate from well known and trustful public or private hospital according to indicated check list. All expenses must be responsible by own.

3.3 The applicant is lack of personal fund and other financial sources.

3.4 The applicant is not a lavish person.

3.5 The applicant must attend Dhamma and Meditation Class according to schedule and not less than 80%

3.6 The applicant must keep up all duty as indicated such as cleaning jobs in own private and public places including assignment areas (accommodations, walk ways, meditation halls). Volunteer jobs in some occasions are also required.

3.7 Permission must be always granted and approved before entering or departing from Angthong International Meditation Center. For example, some may have such an emergency cases or may wish to take leave for personal matters.

3.8 Any applications who can follow and comply with all rules and regulations as above mentioned from no.1-3.7 will be considered for the fund within 30 days after complete documents have been submitted.

3.9 In the mean time, any applicants wish to stay in Angthong International Meditation Center, expenses will be charged at 5,000.-Thb.per month.

3.10 Committee of Angthong International Meditation Center will give appropriate amount of fund as per consideration for each individual applicant.