1. Please register at the office upon arrival and  departure
  2. Please accept the kuti as assigned to you. Do not change kutis without permission from the officer in charge.
  3. Please ask permission from the officer in charge before allowing your friends or relatives to stay overnight at your kuti.
  4. To avoid ants, rats and cockroaches to disturb you and your neighbor, do not store food or edible things in your kuti. Moreover, COOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN ANY KUTIS.
  5. Please check that all provided necessary things for your room, in the attached list, are in good condition. If not please request to change them prior to use the facilities, otherwise you will be responsible for any damage which may occur.
  6. Please keep your kuti including the surrounding area clean and tidy.
  7. Please do not make any loud noise to disturb your neighbors.
  8. Do not litter. Please keep plastic bottles and the rubbish in provided bins which are available throughout the Centre.
  9. Do not bring pets to your kuti or this Centre. Also do not feed the dogs, cats, birds, etc.
  10. Please hang dry clothes in provided area at the back of your kuti.  Do not hang them on the rail of your corridor.
  11. Do not put the nail on the wall or make any adjustment or remodeling of your kuti prior to consent of the Centre.
  12. Please unplug all electrical devices, switch off the light and faucet every time before leaving your kuti.
  13. Occupancyhousingmust comply withthis regulationsonly.

Thank you all for your kind cooperation. Please help to keep this place a beautiful and hygiene facility for a convenient meditation.